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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

March Meet The Maker

Throughout March I took part in a Instagram Challenge created by Joanne Hawker. Each day we were set a task each day with the idea of telling the world and your customers your story and seeing the process that goes into your creations.

I really enjoyed taking part, gave my posts something to focus on. I look forward to any similar challenges in the future. 

Bit of a long post but I hope you enjoy it.
Below are all 31 days with some added bits. :-)

The Chanelleges

kerrydayarts  Probably not too late to take part in #marchmeetthemaker with@joannehawker Great idea and posting this so I have a record of the day to day challenges :-)

DAY 1 & 2

kerrydayartsA day late starting the #marchmeetthemaker - here's day 1 and 2 combined. Day 1 - Brand, not sure if they count but find myself using these pic a lot in promoting my work. Day 2 - Here's me in my studio with a cuppa #linocutting#printmaking #plants #cactus #succulents


kerrydayartsDay 3 of #marchmeetthemaker - Workspace: I'm very lucky to have a large light studio to work from. Based in Hamilton House, Bristol UK and I've been in this studio for a year. Before that I shared spaces within the same building. Now I have the space for a printing press and to work on larger piece :-) #linocutting #printmaking #plants#cactus #succulents #workspace#artstudio #printstudio


kerrydayartsDay 4 of #marchmeetthemaker - Tools: My trusty carving gouges and knife, Sharpie pen for drawing onto the Lino and a hairdryer for keeping the Lino warm, it's hard to carve cold Lino. #linocutting #printmaking #plants#succulents

Additional text: These are the tools I use regularly. Other useful tools not pictured are my sharpening stones and my printing press.


kerrydayartsDay 5 of #marchmeetthemaker - Can't live without: All my plants. I did a count and in my studio I have 26 and at home 47, and I'm pretty sure I can squeeze some more in. Oh and good coffee is a must 😃🌵☕️ #linocutting#printmaking #plants #cactus #succulents#coffee

Additional text: Since then I have required some more plants. Just had to be done. I really can't help myself :-)


kerrydayartsDay 6 of #marchmeetthemaker - Raw Materials: Just some of the inks I use. Litho/Relief printing ink for my #reductionlinocuts and #textileink for my #textileprinting and of course lots of Lino. P.S Happy Mothers Day to UK folk 😀🌵#linocutting #printmaking#artmaterials #intaglioprintmakers@permaset_aqua

Additional text: I forgot to add the materials I print onto. For my plant prints I use Japanese Simli paper from or John Purcell Papers. When textile printing I try and use a fine weave and 100% cotton.


kerrydayartsDay 7 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - How and Why: How - Draw, transfer, cut and print. Why - why not? Feeling tired and have brain ache so bit of a vague short post 😊 #linocutting#printmaking #plants #succulents

Additional text: mmm I was a little bit grumpy that day wasn't I?  :-) 
I normally draw directly onto the lino with pencil, rubbing out and redrawing until I get the image right before going over the design with a marker pen. The pen doesn't come off when cleaning the block in between layers. In the picture above I had drawn onto paper the same size of the Lino block and then traced on. The Lino was painted white so I could see the traced lines. For each layer I will colour in the area I am going to cut away, this again makes it easier not to chop off the wrong bit, especially if the design is complicated like the one pictured. Then once cutting is done then print.
The Why part of the orginal answer stands, yep why not :-)


kerrydayartsDay 8 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Where: I'm originally from London, moved to Bath for my degree then in 1999 moved to Bristol and I've been here ever since. My studio is very central, in Hamilton House, Stokes Croft. A very vibrant and sometimes edgy area to be in :-) #Bristol#stokescroft #printmaker #BristolArtist#BristolMaker #bristolprinting#MadeInBristol

Additional text: Image was taken from a internet search 
Photographer unknown. If you know them please let me know so I can credit them.

kerrydayartsDay 9 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Goals: 1. Sell more work through my online shop, outlets, galleries and exhibitions/events. 2. Still enjoy what I do whilst doing No.1 😀#printmaker #printmaking #linocutting#textiles #textileprinting #plants

DAY 10

kerrydayartsDay 10 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Favourite Small Business: Don't know if this counts but I love love love @thebasketroom Want everything. You get beautifully made baskets/bags by communities in Africa whilst providing them with a sustainable income, what's not to love? #smallbusiness#baskets #sustainable

Additional text: I'm glad to say I am now a proud owner of a large basket bag. It was given to me as a thank you for cat/house sitting for a friend. I absolutely love it. Now saving my pennies to buy a basket or two :-)

DAY 11

kerrydayartsDay 11 of #marchmeetthemaker - Post: I mainly use the local post office. Occasionally customers will collect from my studio and on the very rare occasion I will deliver in person if I happen to be going that way. Today I'm off to London for a few days :-) #travel #LondonBound

DAY 12

kerrydayartsDay 12 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - First Ever Sale: My first ever sale was after my Ceramic degree in 1997. I sold 2 of my final pieces. Was well chuffed 😃 #firsteversale #ceramics #pottyaboutpots #pottery #chuffedtobits

DAY 13

kerrydayartsDay 13 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Feedback: It's always nice to receive feedback. I seem to get mine in person but here's a couple left on my FB page from previous students.#feedback #HappyStudents #HappyTeacher

DAY 14

kerrydayartsDay 14 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Creative Friends: In an ideal world I would be best buds with David Hockney but alas this is not so, so I'll make do with this creative bunch@annaharleyprint @janeormes @hannahmcvicar1 @jobourneprint @johounsomephotography @girlandbird @lucas_antics @dipsychicks@rubypaperparade @pirrip_press @chitra_merchant   @robyncoetzeeglass 😉

Additional text: The postcard in the image is David Hockneys 'A Bigger Splash', 1967, Acrylic on Canvas. I was sat by the Thames after having a wander around the galleries of Tate Modern. I thought my view mirrored the postcard very well. The bright blue sky, the buildings and the body of water at the front, though the Thames was looking more brown than blue :-)

DAY 15

kerrydayartsDay 15 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Inspiration: It really can come from anywhere. Mainly from my plants but can come from conversations, fellow creatives, wanderings here there and anywhere #plants #printmaker #inspiration

Additional text: I took this photo at Kew Gardens last summer. I remember taking this photo because as I was taking it a woman stopped me to say she liked my dress and how colourful I was looking :-)

DAY 16

kerrydayartsDay 16 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Time To Relax: I knit or crochet most evenings. I find the repetitiveness relaxing. I'm also doing a pottery class which I'm thoroughly enjoying, making things just for me and without the thought in the background "should I be selling this" and I try to meet up with friends for breakfast/lunch/brunch/dinner/coffee. This last one I feel I should do more often. #relax #TimeOut #timeoff #knitting

DAY 17

kerrydayartsDay 17 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Photography: I normally take pics myself, I love the "in action" shots. Sometimes I need a more professional snap so I get the very talented @johounsomephotography to do them :-) #photograhy #snaps #printmaker #printmaking

Additional text: Jo's website

DAY 18

kerrydayartsDay 18 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Shelfie: My shelves tend to have plants, books and bits n bobs on them. The #Cactus in the top picture is one of my oldest and it's been through a lot. I first bought it in 1999 when I first moved to Bristol. I saw it in B&Q and it was looking on deaths door so I thought I would save it. Since then it has moved about quite a bit and quite dramatically fell out of a first floor window onto a concrete patio, narrowly missing my landlord (was an accident I swear). It's a slow grower but doing well :-) #cacti #plants #shelfie #printmaker #lifeofaprintmaker #lifeofaartist

DAY 19

kerrydayartsDay 19 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Helper: Well I have some very helpful friends/family who give me transport and help at events but when creating my work it's just me, my rollers, ink and press. But I do have these two fellas staring at me in the studio everyday. They're not very helpful :-) #printmaker #lifeofaprintmaker #studiolife #studiohelpers #helpers

DAY 20

kerrydayartsDay 20 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Sketchbook: I don't use my sketchbook often, I normally draw straight onto the Lino, rubbing out and redrawing until I have it right. But when I do use it, it looks like this :-) #sketchbook #drawing #painting #linocutting #printmaker

DAY 21

kerrydayartsDay 21 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Work Clothes: My trusty #Muji denim apron. I have 2 of them which I wear pretty much everyday. Had them for about 8 years now and they're getting worn. Want to get some new ones but notice on Muji UK site they're not there anymore, booooooo. Might have to get someone to make me one or ten 😀 #apron #workclothes #artistapron #printmakerapron

DAY 22

DAY 23

kerrydayartsDay 23 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Studio Playlist: I think I listen to quite a varied selection of music, from your cheesy 80s pop to classical. At the moment I'm really liking the sound of @dirtwire 

#music #StudioPlaylist #lifeofaprintmaker #lifeofaartist

DAY 24

kerrydayartsDay 24 of #MarchMeetTheMaker -Milestone: This year is my 10th as being a full time artist and I'm very proud of that. Also I'm very close to getting 1000 likes on my Facebook page 😀🎉 #FullTimeArtist #SelfEmployed #10thyearanniversary #lifeofaartist #lifeofaprintmaker

DAY 25

kerrydayartsDay 25 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Packaging: Keep it simple 😀🐝🐞 #packaging #simpledesign

DAY 26

kerrydayartsDay 26 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Colour: I love bright bold colours, you could probably spot me from a mile off. I'm a bit fond of red 😀 #colour #boldcolours #red #redtrousers #brightcoloursmakemehappy

DAY 27

kerrydayartsDay 27 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Routine: My routine is pretty simple, I get up, breakfast, short walk to studio and do a mixture of admin and printing. Today is different as I'm having a lazy Easter Sunday of watering plants, eating chocolate and watching the Hunger Games boxset. Happy Easter everyone 😀🐝🐞 #routine #easter #lazysunday #lifeofaprintmaker #lifeofaartist

DAY 28

kerrydayartsDay 28 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Organised: well that's my middle name. I do like a good 'to do' list, and back in January when I found out I'm taking part in this years @art_in_action_1 I promptly got a book to start my Art in Action action book. It's been very useful indeed 😀 #organised #ToDoLists #lifeofaprintmaker #lifeofaartist #artist #bristolartists

Additional text: Art in Action is an annual event at Waterperry House, Oxford. Every July up to 400 artists demonstrate and exhibit their work. For more information about Art in Action and to book tickets for this years event please visit

DAY 29

kerrydayartsDay 29 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - In Action: a #repost of the cushions I was printing on Saturday #cushions #linocutting #TextilePrinting #lifeofaprintmaker #BlockPrinting

DAY 30

kerrydayartsDay 30 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Books or Blogs: I love this illustrated book, Beautiful Leaved Plants by Frances Perry "This unusual book about indoor plants is based on plates first printed from 1861 to 1891 by Benjamin Fawcett, who developed a technique of colour printing from multiple engraved wood blocks which in its richness and depth of tones gives a result unsurpassed by other nineteenth-century printers in colour".

 #printmaker #printmaking #woodengravings #plants #books #BenjaminFawcett #stunning

DAY 31

kerrydayartsDay 31 of #MarchMeetTheMaker - Customers: It's always lovely to see what customers do with their purchases. Here's a pic sent in by Sue aka @dipsychicks :-) 

#customers #prints #plants #succulents #linocutting #printmaking #lifeofaprintmaker #lifeofaartist

Additional text: Are you a customer of mine? I would love to see how you've displayed your purchase. Just use the contact section :-)


Phew that really is a long post :-) 
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