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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Begonia From Start To Finish

The majority of the prints I make are reduction lino cuts, printed from one piece of lino, cutting it again for each new colour in the design. All the prints for an edition need to be printed before moving on to the next colour, because once the lino is re-cut you can't make any more. Depending on how many colours are use, at the end there may be very little of the lino block left uncut.

Below are images from each stage of  Begonia, 2014. Each layer is built up using a small roller in a painterly manner, giving texture and depth to the design. Using Intaglio Printmakers Litho and Relief oil based ink each layer can take up to 2 weeks to dry.

Layer 1 - The background areas of the block are cut away and the first layer of magenta was put down focusing more on the leaves.

Layer 2 - Then a warmer red was added, this time just on the leaves. Any ink on the stems were wiped away before printing.

Layer 3 - Then a transparent green colour was added to the whole block. 

Layer 4 - Then focusing just on the stems and top of the pot a darker green was added, wiping away any unwanted ink on the rest of the block.

Layer 5 - At this point I am finished with the stems so cut them away and add another layer of red, this time with a transparent extender mixed in so the colour is not too solid.

Layer 6 -  I cut vein lines into the leaves. Then focusing on the leaves I use a bright green wiping away any ink from the rest of the block. On top of the existing red layers this layer has a green tint to the leaves 


Layer 7 - I cut away the leaves and cut stripes into the pot completing the design.